Job posting packages

TypeDescriptionEachNet Total
63212 MonthsJob Posting for 12 Months12  GBP 41.58GBP 499.0053.3% 
6226 MonthsJob Posting for 6 Months6  GBP 54.83GBP 329.0038.4% 
6123 MonthsJob Posting for 3 Months3  GBP 63.00GBP 189.0029.2% 
6021 MonthJob Posting for 1 Month1  GBP 89.00GBP 89.00 

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Benefits & Features
  • Post jobs with one simple subscription
  • All jobs included in daily jobs email alerts
  • Ideal for high volume job posting
  • Excellent value for money

Our fair use policy allows up to 30 jobs to be posted in any 30 day period and up to 6 jobs to be posted in any 24 hour period.

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