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Jumps Singapore office was formed in 2011 to expand the firms reach across the emerging and mature markets of Asia. The office has grown in size, catering to brilliant minds passionate about solving quantitative & algorithmic challenges while tackling the regions unique business challenges. As part of our elite Singapore team, you will work collabo...
United Kingdom Flag London, United Kingdom
May 22
Jump established a global footprint with the launch of our London office in 2009. With every passing year, the office has steadily grown with exceptional talent and has rooted itself as the hub for managing its European trading. The office is at the pinnacle of development, having landed a new member for virtually every team in the organization (Tr...
United States Flag Chicago, United States
May 16
What You'll Do:Quantitative Researchers at Jump Trading collect data and analyze the global markets, seeking to uncover patterns and understand the complexities of the global financial markets. They leverage statistical analysis and data mining skills, using the results of their research to make forecasts and develop profitable predictive tra...

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