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We are totally committed to delivering the highest standards of service in a professional manner. is the only job board dedicated purely to quantitative finance that offers the advanced features and services one would expect from a quality job board. Our aim is to develop an invaluable central resource which helps both recruiters and jobseekers for the benefit of the quantitative finance community as a whole.

  • Range of advertising options
  • Generous discounts on job posting packages
  • Provide a tailored package to suit your requirements and budget
  • Dedicated company profile page and featured status
  • Provide statistical data for your job postings

High standards - low maintenance

We understand there can be significant administrative overhead when using job boards. That's why we work hard to minimize this overhead freeing you to do the important work of recruiting.

How have we achieved this?

  • Simple one page job posting form
  • You can repost jobs with just a single click
  • Get access instantly when paying online
  • Email notification when your jobs expire
  • Clear and easy to use website
  • Daily email alert with all new resumes
  • Email reminder before you run out of credit
  • and much more...

What our clients say about us

"I use your website when we have a lot of roles in the UK or sometimes Asia. I get some good responses. I do however think that your resume database is excellent. We have had some very good resumes for Asian positions come in from your daily updates. Much better than any other sites (including efinancialcareers which is hugely expensive)."
Oliver Spiers - Director, BlackOcean Recruitment

How else can we help?

If we can improve this website further to help make your job easier then please let us know!