What are web feeds?

A web feed is a data format used to distribute frequently updated web content. In our case, the content refers to jobs. This web content is accessed by subscribing to the web feed using a feed reader or aggregator. Most modern browsers have integrated feed readers.

You can keep posted with the latest jobs from this website by subscribing to one (or more) of our syndicated web feeds. The website contains numerous categorised web feeds which allow you to keep updated on only the jobs that interest you. You can even create and subscribe to your own personal web feeds if you have specific job search criteria.

Web feed Format

Our feed format is RSS. Look out for the icons!


Three great reasons to subscribe

  1. It's the easiest way to keep updated with the latest jobs
  2. Keep updated with only the jobs that interest you
  3. You won't miss that perfect job opportunity!

How to subscribe to a web feed

  1. Find or create a web feed
  2. Click the web feed icon
  3. Subscribe using your feed reader