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  • MS Finance, Mathematics and Computation oriented, C++,Python, Matlab, SQL,STATA
  • Economics, Finance, Mathematics, Statistics and Econometrics
  • Penn State B.S. Applied Math
  • Portfolio Manager, Masters in Finance, BSc Mathematics, Matlab, Python
  • MS Financial Mathematics Candidate, seeking summer intern
  • Quant, data analysis, financial models, risk management
  • Quant researcher, machine learning, Python C++ Java
  • Java Developer 3 years experience
  • PhD Physics and MS Mathematics -- Quantitative Analyst / Researcher
  • Quant Analyst, MFE Columbia University
  • Quantitative Analyst / Developer / Researcher, C++, Python
  • Quant developer and system/netwerk engineer
  • Quantitative analyst/developer PhD physics advanced machine learning knowledge
  • Quant Developer, 10y exp (risk, stat-arb, algos, equities, rates)
  • Entry Level Quant Finance - MS Financial Engineering - U.S. Permanent Resident
  • Recent MSc Economics Graduate, Machine Learning, R, Python, Tensorflow, NLP
  • Currently Model Validation at Numerix, 1+ year trading assistant
  • Quant Finance Position, Finance and Programming Experience, PhD Statistics
  • MSc in Quantitative Finance
  • Junior C++, Java developer
  • PhD Physics Chemistry, C++, Fortran, Mathematical Modelling
  • Econ Phd, 3 years of experience in empirical research; SAS, R, FORTRAN, STATA
  • Quant Researcher, 1 yrs exp at hedge funds, Baruch MFE, Python, C++, R, MATLAB,
  • Dual masters in Comp Sci and Math Finance
  • Quant Researcher, New Grad PhD-Physics
  • Java developer, 1 year of Experience, MS IN Compture Science, C++, Python, PERL
  • MS Financial Engineering
  • Entry-level, MSc Quantitative Finance, Matlab, Python, VBA, ARPM Certificate
  • Math Finance Graduate Student, Research Fellow at State Street, Python, C++, R
  • BSc Mathematics, econometrics and financial mathematics background, Java
  • A PhD in math seeking an entry level quantitative finance position
  • To seek a full-time position in quantitative finance
  • Ph.D. in Physics, CFA I and II, C++/python
  • Quant, 3+ yrs exp, PhD, Math Fin, Risk & Ptf mgt, Derivatives pric, Commodities
  • Physics PhD in the Univ. of Tokyo Looking for a quantitative research opportunit
  • Quantitative Commodity Trading Protocol
  • Quantitative Analyst with 3.5+ years of experience in financial industry
  • Undergraduate Actively Seeking Internship
  • PhD in Quantitative Sociology looking to move into finance
  • Experienced Systematic trader CTA/FX Matlab
  • Applied mathematician, 10+ yrs experience
  • Assistant Portfolio Manager, Systematic Strategies, Excel VBA, C#
  • Budget Analyst / Accountant
  • MS Applied Mathematics + MS Machine Learning
  • Ph.D in Financial Mathematics
  • Cross Asset Derivatives Strategist, 9 years experience , Matlab, R
  • MS Computational Finance, looking for summer internship, proficient in C++ and s
  • Quant, MS Financial Engineering, Financial Mathematics, C++, Python, R, Java
  • 8.5+ years of experience in Risk Modeling, CECL, ICRS 9, CCAR,
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