Rates for Downloading Resumes

Why use our resume database?

  • Set precise search criteria and get the results emailed daily
  • Don't pay for unsuitable resumes that you don't want
  • Easy to use, low risk and highly cost effective service
  • All new resumes are screened for relevance and quality

Sample resumes - available to download now

  • Head of Systematic Investments
  • Senior rates quant /computer scientist
  • Strong Mathematics and Analytics
  • Director of Research, Quant Portfolio Mgr $100M+ AUM; MEng, MBA (Cornell)
  • Quant Developer, desk Quant,
  • Quantitative Researcher in Economics and Finance
  • Entry Level Quant, MS in Financial Engineering, CS Background (C++, ML)
  • Quant, MSc in Financial Engineering December 2017 graduate, French,
  • Quantitative Manager, Statistical/Quantitative Modelling
  • Quant, Econometrics, Strategies, Hedge Funds, Investment , Matlab, C, Monetary
  • Quant Developer, 4yrs experience

How it works

Registered jobseekers can upload their resumes to our database. They are made of two parts:

  • Resume summary - an anonymous resume profile that can be searched for FREE!
  • Resume document - the full resume complete with contact details (usually in MS Word or PDF format)
To download one resume document you need one resume credit

For privacy reasons, jobseekers have the option to restrict access to their resume document if they wish. They can allow their resume document to be downloaded either:

  • by any registered recruiter - the most commonly preferred option.
  • or by granting a request for a copy sent by a registered recruiter.

You need a resume credit to send a request. However, your credit will only be expended if your request is granted and you download the resume document. In the unlikely event that your request is denied, then there is no cost.

Resume Credit Rates

TypeDescriptionEachNet TotalSAVE
877100 Resume CreditsDownload 100 Resumes100  GBP 0.49GBP 49.00 
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