How do I post jobs?

We use a very simple credit system:
To post one job you need one job credit
To post one featured job you need one featured job credit
Alternatively, you can:
Subscribe to a package to post jobs in bulk

  • Generous discounts for bulk credit purchases
  • Get instant access with credit card payment
  • Simple low maintenance account that gives you full control
  • Repost jobs with just one click - no need to manually repost the same job
  • Job views and online application tracking statistics
  • We can email you when your jobs expire

How do I pay?

Our preferred method of payment is by credit card through our online payment provider WorldPay. This method allows instant access to our services including the generation and email delivery of your invoice.

We also accept payment by PayPal, cheque (check) or bank transfer. In these cases, access will be granted manually - typically within one business day. Advanced payment may occasionally be requested in certain cases for new clients.

I want to sign-up! How do I begin?

The first step is to login or register a new recruiter account.